Monday, February 10, 2014

February Batch

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Flowery Dreamcatcher
     Hen to Pan

Ian Najdzionek (Gitche-Anahmi-Bezheu , Water Lily Jaguar, Nectar of the Moon) returns with 60 minutes of degraded transcendence.   This is the sound of a forgotten new age, manipulated into forms that mesmerize, then crumble into beds of static and hiss. ((Cave-24))

  • C-60, edition of 50
  • Pro-dubbed on cobalt
  • Art by Ben

Jorge Vicario
     Broken Music II

Spanish sound artist, Jorge Vicario presents the second volume in his Broken Music series.  Vicario combines plaintive loops with tape disintegration to create a haunting, melancholic atmosphere. ((Cave-23))
  • C-34, edition of 50
  • Pro-dubbed on cobalt
  • Art by Ben

Friday, October 18, 2013

October Tapes

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The Original Flowering Earth

Kyle Wade (Goldtimers Tapes) presents a compelling synthesis of environmental sound and song craft.  Melody emerges from an afternoon haze.  Longform electronics slowly rise, charged with aching joy of fleeting moments and resonant memory. ((Cave-22))

  • C-30, edition of 50
  • Pro-dubbed on cobalt
  • Art by Ben

Dmitri Zherbin

Dmitri Zherbin (Jozik Tapes) takes us deep into the life of machines as they intone their alien mantras.  Ghosts of destroyed tapes spool and hum exhumed sound, but mostly it’s raw ferrite, motors, and malfunction contributing to this oddly compelling tape. ((Cave-21))

  • C-31, edition of 50
  • Pro-dubbed on cobalt
  • Art by Rob

Thursday, June 27, 2013

June Tapes

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Dozens "Born Waiting"

Explorations by Frank Ouellette and Ryan Connolly… a lexicon of pure light and shape… maps of mental geography … portals into unseen spaces.. ((Cave-20))
  • C-25, edition of 50
  • Pro-duplicated on high bias cobalt 
  • Art by Ben

DOZENS - Born Waiting from Moduli TV * on Vimeo.

A strange, confusing journey from Dozens, with Born Waiting. Eerie, mechanical, miniature narratives. Noisy, but not noise. Industrial, but not made of industry or the harshness one would associate. Looped, evolutionary movements that feel improvised and alive. Perhaps the remnants of artificial intelligence in the future ruins of an automaton society. The selection of timbres on display here is just absolute perfection. No where more effectively than the back half which pulls apart the curtain of noise, and opens up into a clean, delicate field of melody. Soft multifaceted whips of synth that glide back and forth, almost closing the tape before being taken up in a brief arpeggiated miniature.

Gjallarhornet "Raven Memories"

Collaborative tectonics by Thomas Gerend├ís (Skullorian Sound Sculptures) and Russ Alderson (Xanthocephalus)… columns of smoke rise from the fissured ground… desolate vistas obscured by sulfurous fumes.  ((Cave-19))
  • C-41, edition of 50
  • Pro-duplicated on high bias cobalt
  • Art by Rob

GJALLARHORNET - Corpse Swallower from Moduli TV on Vimeo.

The Ether Staircase "Winning the Olympics"

It has been four years. The ever evolving ether is an ever expanding nothing. Let the games begin…  ((Cave-18))
  • C-32, edition of 50
  • Home duplicated on ferrite
  • Art by Ben

The Ether Staircase- "A Perfect Slope" from Rob Thurtle on Vimeo.

 ((Cave))’s own Rob and Ben form The Ether Staircase, whose murky, paranoid ‘Winning the Olympics’ pushes in directions of pataphysics with the same skill as Bailey pushes in the dimension of elegance.  Across four or nine tracks titled more like inside jokes than any sort of interpretive legend, the boys build on low-tempo synthesizer horror like so many Carpenter apes in the last 5 years, but do so with an artful tact much like UW Owl and the other homebrews from the hibernative Phaserprone; though largely low in fidelity, the pair play with this aesthetic essence as well, punctuating the sonic fabric with bright, rendered shapes, surgical edits, and a sourcing practice which belies the dingy sheen which sits atop the signal.  The tape opens and closes with an anti-dub sound (steady beats, whistles, shifters) which should be allowed to define the project, and help it crystallize much as early Sun Araw wobbled its way into the singular figure we find today. Art by Rob on heavy J-cards. Recommended.
-Animal Psi

Invisible Path "Cloud Variations"

Michael Bailey’s latest transmission from the frontier… time arresting drone work steeped in the blue of distance.  ((Cave-17))
  • C-39, edition of 50
  • Pro-duplicated on high bias cobalt
  • Art by Michael Bailey


 Michael Bailey’s Invisible Path provide some of the most thoughtful compositions to the young ((Cave)) catalog with the ‘Cloud Variations’ C39.  Providing the service role left vacant by Roy Tatum’s Changeling, Bailey’s winding ambients reset the latest frame of noise on one hand (and it’s telling that I’m at a loss to recall the latest representatives, and not because they don’t exist), and drone on the other (countless “new agers” who came and went, leaving a lost generation to figure out what was meant to “go here”).  Now only the software has changed, raising the glossy, high-def stakes for all involved.  In the style of William Basinski, the two, sidelong couplets trade in divine tones while struggling with melodic consciousness.  Harmonics abound, turning many utterances of a melody into one big run-on of bleary warm hum and long rhythmic cycles, equally imposed upon by the mash.  Yet beyond this competent, considered core what elevates the album is the ornamentation of guitar harmonics, gongs, and string sounds which do not disturb the essence of weightlessness, but which stand this tonal miasma against the percolating relief of formal characters, as seemingly oblivious to the music being made, a psychoanalytical sketch about divergence and co-evolutions of thought which do more than just sound good, but do beg an audience and interlocutor in the most passive of ways. With art by Bailey on heavy J-cards.  Recommended.
 -Animal Psi

This, second release, in a two part update covering the new batch from ((cave)) Recordings is quintessential headphone meditation from Invisible Path, with Cloud Variations. Indeed, these are slow, swirling formations of atmospheric mass. Occasionally light, with delicate plucked strings looped and manipulated against the smeared echoes of a distant gong. Other times, heavy, even tumultuous mountains of reverberating bass arpeggio tempered against the muted scream of guitar feedback. In juxtaposition to the sparse, cavernous first half, for me, the centerpiece of the tape is on the flip, particularly the closer . Gently compressed shimmering melody emerges and evolves, growing in depth and density, roughly blocking out everything that came before. Sounds like a buddhist dream of the wind that gently sways the prayer flag.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

April Tapes

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Parashi "The Book of Nothing"

Cracked electronics arc across spools of tangled tape creating recordings that are both unsettling and arresting…an exciting new chapter in this ever expanding project.

-*C-40, edition of 50
-Pro-dubbed on Cobalt tapes
-Art by Rob

From these two, I have no idea who Parashi is. A band, a person? Or likewise what else there is. Four piece to go by here, each around ten minutes, I suppose. The whole thing is about forty minutes. Not much information on the cover either, about such trivia as instruments used. My best guess would be that this is an one-man project who deals with improvisations using a variety of electronic tools, be it analogue, be it digital. The whole thing seems to be put together without caring too much about such notions as compositions, but rather see what happens next, or what could happen next. It's hardly noisy, nor ambient, nor, in fact, anything that can easily be put down in one word. It's collage like with the use of voices, and lots of echo, put forward in a rather naive manner, reminding me of the early days of Throbbing Gristle, which makes this altogether quite a retro sounding release. I quite enjoyed it, even though I am not sure why. I guess it must be exactly that retro
sound that Parashi has, that early 80s, old school industrial sound, the sound of spontaneous combustion with all that lo-fi gear. Maybe some of that is highly missed in some of the current high brow computer world? - (FdW) Vital Weekly

PARASHI - Salt Diggers from Moduli TV on Vimeo.

Amalgamated "Trudge/Slap"

A cabal of midnight mystics present a swirling brew of beats, guitar, and electronics. A long journey through the forest under a waxing moon culminates in a demon dance in the silver light…

-C-44, edition of 50
-Pro-dubbed on Cobalt tapes
-Art by Ben

Music by Amalagamated we reviewed before (Vital Weekly 857 and 842) and as far as I know this group recorded music quite some years ago, but for whatever reason is released now. The group may or may not consist of the following people Cory Bengtsen (Rebekah's Tape on sampler, keyboards, saxophone, turntable), Bob Newell (of Headless Ballerinas Underwater on sampler, keyboards, percussion, drum machine), Mike Richards (also of Rebekah's Tape, but also the man behind Makeshift Music and Intangible Cat on guitars, effects drums, percussion, keyboards and tapes), Phil Klampe (of Homogenized Terrestrials on keyboards and sampler) and D. Petri & Gus Kumo on editing and mixing. But none are mentioned as such on the cover of this new release. I quite enjoyed their previous two 3" CDR releases, and this new one (recorded in 2004) is no different. A fine mixture of psychedelic music, tripping on sunshine, bits of musique concrete mixed with cosmic drones and here for the first time longer pieces - hey maybe even a piece per twenty minute side - it's hard to say. Here Amalgamated has the feeling of a live band rather than the clever doodling of samplers connected through midi. These are the grandchildren of Nurse With Wound in their best krautrock phase(s). -(FdW) Vital Weekly

AMALGAMATED - Trudge from Moduli TV on Vimeo.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


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Permanent Bedhead - "Devolution Walkabout"

After sides on Sacred Phrases and Hobo Cult, Permanent Bedhead returns with a full length tape of deep mind music.  Scott Johnson intuits his machines, producing immersive environments, abstract, yet terrestrial soundscapes that stretch off into a distance.


-C-54, edition of 100
-Pro-dubbed, Type II Cobalt Tapes
-Art by Rob

**Recently featured on the Tabs Out podcast.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Calypso Borealis- "ikot akpa ntim"

After amazing releases on labels such as Housecraft, Existential Cloth, and Hooker Vision, Calypso Borealis returns with these sublime explorations of pure sound and emotion.  There is a wide range of instrumentation on display here, yet each piece coheres into the lyrical drift unique to this project.   Specters of melody loom on the periphery, yet are very much present, evoked at times by peals of feedback, while at others by gentle collisions of meandering tones.  


-C-30, edition of 100

-Pro-dubbed on Type II Cobalt

-Art by Rob

 ‘ikot akpa ntim,’ the latest from Calypso Borealis.  A community regular for the last two years, the name is familiar at an intuitive level beyond the regular appearances on Hooker Vision, Cloud Valley, House of Sun, and Kimberly Dawn, among others.  Rob of ((Cave)) provides the cover art, recalling Ted Trager’s work for early Stunned releases.  Completing the package is the sound, a half hour in sensory deprivation (so to speak), made from artifacts of focal objects: the clatter of sticks (but no resonance), the high metallic buzz (without a full, middle tone), a murmur (with no voice), the harmonic remnants of a melody (yet no melody.)  To be clear, there’s not no sound – what the mind fills in is actually a wealth of sources and instruments – but the sound that is here is lesser than a sound.  It’s remarkable, really, a stunning show of restraint.  And the knife cuts both ways: stand-out track “Kponkponto” effaces a Noise rock collision by the same method, presenting the barest of feedback fringe and motoric low end, the effect being a well-paced latticework of sound which is delicate without fragility.  While “drone” may be the over-riding genre, or at least target demographic, this would be an abuse of the breadth that is minimalism.  “Sirigi-Moke,” a fluttering stereo construction, distills the entirety of Growing’s ‘Sky’s Run Into the Sea’ to a single track, recruiting velocity to underline the generative thrust of this unconventional rock music.  100 copies with thick inserts and vellum tracklists.  Recommended. 
                       -Animal Psi

Featured on the Tabs Out podcast.